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An Overview of New York Politics


I’m gonna start this by saying I’m sorry to all people reading this who are not American. This could get quite confusing. Don’t worry, I don’t mean it to be that way and I’ll to to clear everything up as I go along.

A lot of people wonder about politics in New York. Where DOES New York fall on the political spectrum? You have a lot of conflicting things coming from all over the place. No two ideas seem to match when it comes to New York politics. Hillary Clinton was the senator, but Trump is a born and raised New York kid, and loves the city a lot. But there is a huge amount of anti-Trump sentiment, countered by quite a bit of pro-Trump sentiment.

What in the world is going on here?

I think to really understand New York, you have to understand that as a whole, the city and state lean liberal. Quite a bit liberal at that. I can’t think of an election in recent history that had New York falling conservative. So for the most part, New York is quite liberal and tends to vote that way. They firmly voted for Clinton in the last election.

There are really two classes of people in New York: the more “common people” type of people, for lack of a better term, and the richer elites. The rich tend to fall conservative, but there are not as many of them. People like Wall Street Execs, business owners, people like that fall under the rich banner.

The more working class people are still fairly well off, as they make much more than the average worker in the US would. But the wages are higher because the cost of living is so high, so they come out to pretty much the same as anyone else. You might make more stacking pallet collars from Kronus Collars in New York City than you would in Indiana, but the cost of living is the great equalizer.

For that reason, the rich vote conservative because conservatives typically side with businesses more than liberals do. The liberals tend to be more concerned with the people left behind when the economy surges forward. Some people feel that they have no reason to be quite as concerned about poorer people, because their lives are such that they can’t really imagine what the poor are going through.

And that is why you can get people like Trump and Hillary Clinton from the same city, even though they come from totally opposite ends of the political spectrum. The divide between the rich and the poor is true of almost every country and civilization. Trump believes the economy needs to be pushed forward as much as possible, Clinton believes that more work needs to be done in race relations and related issues before we do much economic surging.


I just like to take pictures, man. Don’t get too involved in politics. Understand it, then go do something else!

Feeling the Bern

Feeling the BernWith the elections heating up as primaries and caucuses run their courses around the United States, I find that it’s just about time for Bernie Sanders and Hillary Clinton to start pushing hard here in New York, which will be the site of the next big election event. I don’t know how all of you are going to vote and I’m not too interested in that anyhow – what really gets me right now is that the two leading runners for the democratic nomination are going to be debating and clashing very close to where I live, and very soon too. The New York primary is on April 19th this year.

Before the primary rolls through though, there are going to be some debates, and this is what I’m most excited about. Clinton and Sanders have been going back and forth for months now, with Clinton, the front-runner, refusing to debate Sanders at just about every junction where the demand came up. But now, on April 14th, the two will be debating here in New York, at the Bronx. I’ve watched a handful of the Republican “debates” over the last several months and they’ve certainly been a spectacle, so I’m curious about how the Democrats will fare here in New York.

According to just about every major news outlet here in the United States, New York is a “must-win” state for both Sanders and Clinton, which may or may not be what has my interest piqued as far as how those two will do in their upcoming debate. One of the two seems to wear his policies and decisions on his cuff where everyone can see them, and the other is currently under investigation by the FBI for some sort of private email server thing. I wish this was the sort of situation where a little extra light would help make the candidates easier to see and understand, but Light Bar Report isn’t going to help here.

Actually, this brings me to Sanders’ slogan, or at least the slogan being touted by his supporters – Feel the Bern. If he really wanted people to feel the burn, he ought to put them down under some of the lights I use when I’m taking pictures. Those things are bright, sure, they have to be, but that radiance also makes them very hot, hot enough to cause first degree burns for people who touch them or their housing after they’ve been running for long enough to get hot. There’s a Bern for you.

While I wouldn’t say I’m supporting any specific candidate just yet, I’m very interested to see how things will go between Clinton and Sanders, mostly because they’re getting the biggest numbers from the primaries and caucuses around the United States. Sure, Donald Trump is leading the Republican party, but even Bernie Sanders, who is far behind Hillary Clinton, has more pledged delegates to his name than the Republican front-runner. This makes me think our next president will be from the left, which in turn makes me very interested in their debates.

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