Betting on tennis according to a player’s performance


Betting on tennis

This is especially true in the case of tennis, where the number of events between the individual players is impressive. It is important to know that there are also additional thoughts which you have to be responsible for yourself, as they are not necessarily collected in the database of some operator. For example, it is important to know whether the game is played on a hard field or not, whether it is raining and how this affects the effectiveness of the player. The strategy and advice you will find here must therefore always be complemented with your further steps. The author of the strategy started his adventure with types as early as in 2007, and for over a dozen years he has offered the most interesting types available online and elsewhere. For him it is not only the grass that counts, but also… the equipment used. It may sound illogical, but it all adds up to very effective types, which he ultimately translated into his success and would like to translate into yours as well.

How the strategy works on the example of the fight between Robredo and Ljubic


An example that circulates on the net is the fight between Robredo and Ljubic. The former has won 140 matches on hard court and lost less than 100, while the latter has won 168 and lost 92, giving him a statistic of 1.83 in terms of wins. In practice, this means that he has an advantage over his rival and it is he who is closer to victory. The situation is different on gravel, where Robredo has statistics 105 to 49 and Ljubic 40 to 34. The difference is visible to the naked eye and it is natural to bet on the advantage of the former in the ratio of 2.14. This creates an interesting possibility, because on the second one Robredo is rated very low, meanwhile he has a very good chance to win, which should even translate into odds close to 3.00. Will he win? It has happened to him many times. Of course, there are no guarantees here and even the 2.14 factor will not be that important, but following it will be a valuable source of information. Several additional factors can also support your decision. These will be, first of all, the level of odds and promotions given to us. The first factor requires additional analysis, because it is necessary to check all data related to the offer of odds resulting from various bookmaker sites. We mean here a simple statement, that the sites differ in their approach to the customer. Thus, you may come across odds on one of the analyzed sites even higher by several percent. This will translate significantly into the final result. Try it out, check even ten sites, because the whole process is not time-consuming and at the same time it will provide you with really good opportunities to continue playing.

Additional promotions and their impact on your winnings

Betting on tennis

Then there are the promotions. This is one that everyone should apply for, especially if the site you come across has very simple and clear terms of use, which means that you will realise turnover and high odds in a short period of time. The promotion starts with the welcome bonuses. These often double your first deposit (or even several subsequent deposits) allowing you to play for double the stakes or twice as many sets. This aspect is a great support, especially for beginners, but even an avid and long-time player will benefit from them. On top of this, there are also freebets and free coupons. These are add-ons that you will use for free and will either allow you to play with bonus money or return those funds that you have invested and lost. Again, this is a better means to further your play, which is why their use is so important. At the same time, we must not forget that there is much more to the action. Some brands even offer a dozen of them in a short period of time. Cash top-ups, for example, will be valuable here.

Thanks to them you will gain an increase in your deposit by several dozen percent even once a week. When you add races, lotteries, cashback tournaments, loyalty and friend invitation programmes and the VIP system, you get a really strong and addictive list. So don’t ignore the bonuses, however, we recommend checking their terms and conditions. The terms and conditions can be easy to follow, but the art can also be extremely difficult, which is also something to look out for. The key pieces of this puzzle are the amount of turnover, the maximum and minimum stakes, the redemption time and the minimum odds that take part in the action. With this set of information, you can go straight to the game itself.


We have presented above not only the aspects of the odds and the strategy itself, but also additional promotions that you will use throughout the game. The strategy for playing tennis is very effective because it is based on detailed analysis. They minimise the risk of failure and give the player the best possible chance of final success. This is, after all, what counts in the first place. Building up new funds in a calm manner will allow you to not only create safe and large reserves, increase your stakes, but also constantly withdraw money to your account. That’s why we encourage you to use it and keep our fingers crossed for you, reminding you that you will also find additional information from the staff on the site, as well as a full FAQ section explaining the basic issues that may come in handy when creating a betting slip.

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