Betting on tennis for sets 2:1


Betting on tennis

Here we mean a win for the favourite, but with a balance of 2:1. The standard bet is a smooth 2:0, so switching to another solution can also prove fruitful and engaging. As the author describes, with appropriate sets the odds for a single victory are estimated at the level of 1.1 to 1.6, which with the latter coefficient already gives really interesting results.

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The author assumes a game for eight matches without exceptions, each time betting on the favourite. There are no exceptions to this and it is strongly discouraged to play for other solutions. Avoid this at all costs. The odds when playing on a given set and its unusual victory is about 3.50, so from a set of 8 matches it is enough for two of them to be successful for you to win cash and come out on top. With a $1 set you will be able to increase your winnings to $12.50, although these values can vary depending on the final odds you reach. The authors of this tennis strategy have a simple solution that relies directly on the success of some betting slips to negate the failure of others that you reach for. With the aforementioned stake, winning eight bets with an equally low stake guarantees up to $315 in cash, which is a very tempting amount. Like any strategy, this one of course has its shortcomings and can fail. That’s why it’s important to build up a bankroll so that if you lose, you can continue with the strategy without making any changes. It is important never to play for more than you should, which could lead to a loss of your liquidity. There are additional issues that are helpful here, which we would like to address for you below as a complementary aspect to our strategy proposal.

What the strategy is about


The first thing to look at is the odds on offer. As mentioned above, the base odds for the favourite to win are estimated to be between 1.1 and 1.6. If a 2:1 result is chosen, this statistic increases and you can even get 3.50 or more. From time to time the value reaches 4,00 which is ideal. However, it should be kept in mind that different companies approach tennis differently and may offer significantly different propositions. In practice, this means that if you are interested in playing with this bookmaker tactic, it is necessary to try several other sites. It will not be a waste of time to check the ten most popular and well-known addresses to see all the data available there. It may turn out that one proposal offers even several percent higher odds, and with this strategy it is very important to count on the most substantial combinations. We guarantee that it will not be a waste of time to approach it this way.

Tennis promotions

Betting on tennis

As a second advantage, we would also like to mention the promotions themselves, as they are the main source of additional funds which you can use directly on the game itself. So what is waiting for you? First of all there is the welcome action. It serves the purpose of doubling your funds (although there are exceptions for plus and minus) even to the amount of several thousand dollars. On this basis you will be able to play for twice as much money as you had planned. Or, alternatively, for twice as many planned sets. It is hard to imagine a better start, although free bets and free bets can also be helpful. The former allows you to play for e.g. 20 dollars on the spot, while the latter works like a casino cashback, which means that it gives back your wagered money, which you can then use again as you see fit. Then there are aspects such as cashbacks. These are very similar to the first one, however, they guarantee lower percentages and smaller final amounts. On the plus side though, they can be renewed, so you can play more times each month. A great way to up the stakes and mix up your strategy. You can’t forget about the other extras, raffles, races and tournaments, loyalty program and VIP system. All of these factors combined will give you the best possible results and at the same time support your decisions throughout your time playing on the site.

Now that we have finished the topic of promotions, odds levels and presented the strategy itself. It is good to describe it in a few words. It is important to know that every tactic has its drawbacks, by which we mean that it can fail. Bookmaker bets will always be unpredictable. With the assumption of winning 2 out of 8 sets, the ratio is still satisfying and the player has the best possible chance of final success. Therefore, the strategy should be considered balanced and reasonable for every type of player, also for those who play very cautiously and do not like to use too large and risky stakes. Please note that we offer the above game for 1 dollar (approx. 4 USD), which you can naturally multiply as many times as you like right from the start. Enjoy and win!

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