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First of all, it is necessary to analyse the last three matches of the team you are interested in. By looking at these three matches you then check how many goals they scored in their games. You only need to look at the first halves. The goal total is divided by three and then rounded up if necessary. This should be done for each formation you are interested in. If your result is close to 3, it is very likely that at least 1.5 goals will be scored. Only then the player can decide whether to play the full combination or wait for a specific play.

The author of the strategy describes that he bases his actions on the experience started in the NHL season 2005/06, and the strategy of watching the results of the last three games proved to be the most effective in implementation and execution. The odds for such events are classically between 1.65 and 1.85, with a hit ratio estimated at 85%. Thus, potential losses here are immediately negated. However, as with any strategy, we advise you to always keep adequate reserves, which will allow you to continue playing without adding unnecessary funds and further deposits in case of a failure. Safeguarding yourself at this level is one of the key topics, because otherwise you tend to modify your tactics unnecessarily. Below we would additionally like to present you some related topics. Here we mean, of course, the level of odds, as well as the promotions offered. We have already partially mentioned the first of these issues. However, bookmakers have significantly different from each other rates, so while in some cases we will find 1.65 for the use of the game with at least 1.5 goals, at the other company 1.80 or more will be offered. Analysing and checking several popular sites pays off, as it gives you additional knowledge and room for manoeuvre, which you can use to your advantage. It is even different with promotions that can double – or more – your money. We do not mean races or lotteries, which are largely based on luck. We are interested in actions that have a direct impact on your funds from the very beginning. Thanks to them you will gain either an increase in the base or an opportunity to extend the game time. In both cases it is a very interesting solution which should not be omitted for purely practical reasons.

Sign up and claim your welcome bonus

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If we come to this important topic, it is worth noting that this is the first bonus that awaits players. It is the one that should convince us to register, because it assumes a very large additional recharge. What exactly does this action entail? By registering your new account, we get a chance to make the first deposit. When the whole process is already verified, usually more money should go to your account, which you will realize further according to your own discretion. All this means is that you will rake in a percentage more than what you deposit. Normally the amounts vary from 50 up to 200%. So in the former case, if you deposit USD 100, your wallet will be replenished by USD 150 in total. This is a great opportunity to take more risk or simply to extend your plans for the future.

It should be remembered that each bonus has its own terms and conditions, which are usually supplemented with such components as: the required turnover of the gained amount (how many times do we have to turnover bonus funds, sometimes it is only 5 times, sometimes even 60), time for realizing the mentioned turnover, as well as provisions on potential penalties or exclusion in case of breaking the described actions. Don’t worry, these things are easy to understand and obvious, both from the bookmaker’s point of view and from the player’s, who assumes pure and fair play at the highest level. However, we cannot forget that similar actions to the welcome one are conducted on a long-term basis and should be looked out for. The better operators will never give them up. So what exactly are top-ups of this calibre? It is an equivalent of the first action, only on a smaller scale. This means that we will gain – most often, not necessarily – a smaller percentage profit and also a generally smaller maximum amount. At the same time, these two limitations do not affect the level of satisfaction, because it is still a venture that replenishes our accounts extra. One of the key aspects of the promotion is that it is renewable. Some bookmakers allow us to use this action even once a week. Thus, we do not have to add that you gain more and more each time. Thanks to this you will replenish your account balance.

Safe bets

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Finally, we will mention safe bets (free bet, free bet). Have you ever played at online casinos? Bookmaker bonuses can be similar in many ways. This also applies to the safe bets. What are they? They allow you to play up to a certain amount completely free of charge. If your bet does not go through and you lose, the invested funds will return to your wallet and you will be able to use them further. This is a very desirable action, especially if you are not sure about a match. Of course there is much more action waiting for you!

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