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About Me

meI’m glad to have you here, visitor. I’m Mo Nickels, photographer, New Yorker, political animal, and person of interest. The law of this domain demands you to leave all the monotony and the grey of the world behind and enter with nothing but your mind, heart, and spirit. Once you have complied with this domain’s law, follow my lead. We’ll read stories as they are told by my lens.


As a New Yorker and U.S. citizen, politics is in every fiber of my being, thanks to a melting pot that gives everyone no other choice but to comply with the standards of freedom. The United States is the ultimate free-for-all battleground where people fight for their own freedom no matter what. I just hope that Americans have never forgotten about responsibility and risk.

Life in New York

I’m a New Yorker myself but I’d rather watch the “concrete jungle where dreams are made of” behind my lens the way I watch a NatGeo show from my couch. My life is actually “all over” New York, not in it. Yes, the Big Apple is a jungle. I admit that I do not have enough killer instinct to take on the jungle head on but I would trade killer instinct for a God’s eye view on the world, anytime.

Photography Tips

I teach photography so that interested people may realize that like cameras, our perspective towards everything is influenced by our own preferences. I believe that you can achieve mastery over the art of capturing points of view when you finally let go of impatience, prejudice, and assumptions. Once that happens, everything will just seem so beautiful in your eyes.

Everything Interesting9

I am interested in many things, as long as they can make me feel true awe. Humans’ standard for awe rises constantly and my standard is no different.

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