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Why I Love New York City


When a lot of people think about big cities, the first one that pops into their head is New York City. NYC has inspired people from all walks of life; business, music, cooking, acting… And obviously photography as well! But I want to talk about why I personally find NYC amazing and inspiring, and why I love this city so much.

The Sheer Size

Some people don’t like the size of New York. That’s ok! But I think that the sheer size of the city is what makes me love it so much. New York City is the perfect size to be totally anonymous and be alone, or to find people that you like! You can be with a ton of people or hang out totally alone. The choice is all yours! The size also captures my imagination… When I look out at the city from the Rockefeller Center, it’s hard to NOT be impressed with how massive and amazing the city looks. And then…

There’s the Diversity

All kinds of people live in New York. It is not unusual to run into a local NYC family, then a family from Ethiopia, and then a musician from France! I’ve seen all that and more just walking around NYC. And that’s not all… The cultural diversity leads to a diversity of food like you’ve never seen before! The Chinese food, the sushi, the pizza, the Italian places, the burgers… They’re amazing and make you want to do nothing but eat!

Things to Do

Because of the size of the city, there have to be all kinds of things for people to do. There are the favorites like Central Park and the Metropolitan Museum of Art. There’s also the Zoo, Broadway, and Times Square shopping centers.

But there are some even more odd and different things to do in NYC! For example, off of 6th Ave. there is an air rifles range where you can get do some target practice with your air rifles from Rifle Judge! There are also some random laser tag places, bowling alleys, and more restaurants and bars than you know what to do with!

It’s Just… New York

It’s hard to capture the feel of what i’m talking about unless you’ve been there yourself and been impressed with how massive the whole place is. Try this. Take a short vacation there. Go to Central Park and look at all the buildings. Go to the top of the Rockefeller. You won’t be disappointed.

Maybe you’ll even wanna move there! Just be sure to visit and pick up a high-quality air rifle to try on the range on 6th, and tell the owner I said hello! You’ll never run out of things to do, and if you’re anything like me you’ll never tire of watching the sunset over the city, and see all the lights go out one by one. It’s a sight that few people appreciate enough.

Updated: January 6, 2017 — 2:34 pm
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