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Best Gigs for Beginning Photographers


Not all gigs are created equal! There are some that are easy to get for beginners, and some that are VERY hard to get early on. Which one you end up getting depends largely on your skill level and your amount of drive. Once you have those sorted, it’s much easier to figure out what you can do with your photo skills!

Here are a few gigs that in my experience have been much easier for the average beginning photographer to get!

best-gigs-for-beginning-photographers-1Birthday Parties

Especially for children of more upper-class families, birthday parties can be the perfect place to start honing your skills. Parents are not quite as picky as the bride and groom at a wedding (which is one of the harder gigs to get initially!) and you will be capturing almost 100% action shots. Very rarely do the kids care that there is a photographer there, so you have free reign to take all the photos the parents could want!

Engagement Photos

If you are friends with people who have recently gotten engaged, taking some engagement photos is the perfect way to get started in the professional world. If you can get them to pay you a small fee for taking a few great photos, perfect! And you can use them for your portfolio later to help you get even more gigs. Engagement photos are a little more advanced, because you need a little more knowledge of lighting and positioning. But since there are only two people, it’s not as difficult to get everyone looking good!

Concert Photos

This is perfect if you are able to sell those photos to outlets that cover music. Concerts are great practice for other gigs of this type because they are not too hard to get, and they require you to have a great grasp of lighting and dynamic photos. If you can shoot a concert and have the photos come out looking good, you WILL be able to get more gigs. For sure. Those action shots of the drummer pounding away at his drum set from BarkingDrum.Com are not easy to get!

Couple Photos

Sometimes a couple will just want to take some photos together. If you can find a couple that a) wants to do this and b) is willing to pay for it, you’ve got the best intro gig that you could ask for.

This type of gig is the most low-pressure type you could ask for because you can constantly ask the couple (if you need to) if the pictures that you’re taking are of the kind that they want.

And if they look good, you know where to put them: right in the ole portfolio! Hopefully you can see that your portfolio is worth more than anything you own; it’s how you will be able to make money at all!

Hopefully you’ve seen a gig that either appeals to you or that you can easily get. Happy photo shooting!

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